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Getting Started

With all of the talk about wikis, blogs, podasts, RSS, Comic life, is sometimes overwhelming to determine what is the right tool for the job at hand.

Want to learn more about the tools?

Check out the links to the left.

Not sure what is the Right Tool?

Think about what your objectives are for your students...what do you want them to do...
Then check out the chart below.

What's tools do I need in my E-Toolbox?

What I Want My Students To Do?
Check out these Pages for tools to add to your E-Toolbox?
Create a Portfolio of their work
Glogster ~ Wikis ~ GoogleSite
Write & Reflect
GoogleDocs ~ Pages ~ Word ~ OmniOutliner
Discuss & Collaborate
Blogs ~ Ning ~ Edmodo ~ Wikis
Create a product to demonstrate understanding
Animation ~ Blog ~ Digital Storytelling ~ Podcast
Reflect on Learning
Blog ~ Ning
Present a topic
Keynote~PowerPoint~iMovie~GarageBand~Animation~Digital Storytelling
Get some Practice

Take a test / quiz
Quia ~Google Form
Simulate an idea or concept
Grapher ~ Geometer's Sketchpad
Learn from Experts

Share what they have learned

Organize Information
Google Docs~ Google Forms~
Do Research
Research / Data Base ~ Nettrekker ~
Publish work
GoogleDocs ~ Blogs ~ Wikis ~ GoogleSites ~ Podcasts
Use the Internet
Safari ~ Firefox
Collect & Analyze data
LoggerPro ~ Excel ~ Google Forms
Create a visual representation of a concept
Screenshots ~ PhotoBooth~ Preview ~ OmniGraffle

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