What is ning?

Ning is a social networking application similar to facebook or myspace. While ning is often used to find networks of people with whom you share interests, http://ning.com is blocked on our district networ, however you can create your own Ning network for use with your classroom or school. Although ning is ad-supported, Ning allows 7-12 teachers to remove the ads from their networks. (credit: Liz Davis)

Why use a ning?

According to the National School Board Association Social networking may be advantageous to students. 37% of districts say at least 90% of their staff are participating in online communities of their own — related to education — and 59% of districts said that at least half were participating. “These findings indicate that educators find value in social networking,” the study notes, “and suggest that many already are comfortable and knowledgeable enough to use social networking for educational purposes with their students.” In fact, 76% of parents expect social networking will improve their children’s reading and writing skills, or help them express themselves more clearly, according to the study, and parents and communities “expect schools to take advantage of potentially powerful educational tools, including new technology.”

How to get started?

Best Practices


Not what you are looking for try a wiki or edmodo for your online community.

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