What is a podcast?

Tony Vincent's Definition of a Podcast: A podcast is audio or video on the web that can be cataloged and automatically downloaded.
Watch this short VIDEO from PodGrunt that explains podcasts in simple terms

Why podcast?

  • Students can record practically anything using audio or audio and video as a quick reflection
  • Teachers can record examples or quick ideas for students. ex: stories read aloud, explanations for problems, sounds of letters and words, etc.
  • Uses the tools of today (computers, microphone, internet) for creative assessments. ex: world language fluency, reading summary, current event, explanation of math problem, science experiment results, use of vocabulary in speech, etc.
  • Content becomes portable by creating MP3s that students (and teachers!) can listen to on the go. (can create an itunes account to load files to subscribe)

How do I get started

Tools for Recording


Garage Band

  • Apple iLife program included on the MacBook
  • Check out the Garage Band page for more information.


  • go to the website to record
  • record with microphone on computer
  • send via email from the site
  • share with unique web address or embed on websites
  • example of an embedded recording:

Audio Dropbox

  • teachers create an account and dropboxes for recordings
  • drop boxes can be emedded into your website, blog, or wiki
  • students visit that site to record
  • use the microphone on computer to record and the recording automatically "drops" into the box
  • teachers log in to their accounts to listen to recordings (these are NOT public)


  • A FUN way to do audio recordings!
  • Upload an image, "cut" out the mouth, and record
  • record with microphone or telephone
  • share via email, web link, or embed into a website, wiki or blog
  • for more info, check out the Blabberize page

Video & Audio


  • Apple iLife program included on the MacBook
  • Check out the iMovie page for more information

Voice Thread

  • upload images, documents, presentations, movies, etc and leave audio or video comments
  • audio recordings can be done by microphone or telephone
  • video recordings require a webcam and microphone
  • for more info, check out the Voice Thread page

Best Practices

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